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FrontierVille Reaches 5 Million Users [Social Gaming]

FrontierVille Reaches 5 Million Users [Social Gaming]

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Social gaming developer Zynga has once again hit web gold, this time with a game called FrontierVille which has been billed as Farmville meets Oregon Trail. In just two weeks FrontierVille has gathered up more than 5 million users and continues to grow. The 5 million mark is based off “active” daily users, the actual number is no doubt higher.

Zynga calls the game a spinoff to their ultra-popular Farmville and this time around the app was developed by Brian Reynolds a famous game designer most popularly known for his work on Civilization and Rise of Nations.

FarmVille users will notice that the game offers more options such as controlling multiple avatars which allows users to create and control entire families. The levels of complexity for the game have also been increased for a more enjoyable experience that has helped keep gamers enthralled for longer periods of time. However some aspects haven’t changed, for example as a family game you won’t experience the bloodshed of those times, but you do have to harvest your crops and tend to your livestock…hmmm that sounds familiar! In any case it’s a fun game with more interactivity which is helping gain an audience.

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But how did the game get so big so quickly? By badgering Facebook users to give up their friends! When you sign up you’ll be asked three times in a ten minute period to invite your friends, then you’ll be asked pretty much constantly after that point to invite other players. Then again it’s not hard to convince Zynga players to try their new games, after all they have over 200 million Farmville players alone and their MafiaWars application also has a very loyal following.

What do you think about FrontierVille? I’m not a huge fan of FarmVille, but I have found FrontierVille to be more addictive and a better overall interactive experience. I’m excited to see what Zynga has down the road for social gaming, specifically when they officially launch their own social gaming network.

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  • Please read, this IS important…

    Before you decide to play think twice about buying in-game items with your real-life hard earned

    money. Be weary that you could loose it and your game connection all in a blink of time and

    without ever being compinsated or getting a reason for the loss, let alone what they are going to

    do about it.

    With 706+ complaints, and still counting, since day One when FrontierVille has opened it doors to

    the mass of players there has never been any word from Zynga as to why, when or how they are

    going to fix these serious problems this game has been causing for hundreds of gamers. The

    players deserve to be both heard and given honest and considerate explinations and updates as to

    what Zynga is doing about it. People have the right to know

    Read for yourself and be aware of what’s really going on in this new FrontierVille’s community:

    So far, their actions (or rather, lack of them) seem to be saying to the players “No

    Explinations, No Refunds, No Apologies.”

    Is it the game companies who are being wronged here, or is it the game-players like us?
    It’s gamers who put the money in your pockets, but that wont last long if the game makers wont do

    right by their paying customers.

    Won’t someone finally step up to the plate and get this problem quickly and honestly fixed?

  • im seriously addicted to frontierville!
    but i hate all the waiting! theres not enough playing time..
    they need to fix that and make it easier to get more energy.
    other than that i love it:)

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