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Generation Y Says Facebook Access At Work Trumps Salary

Generation Y Says Facebook Access At Work Trumps Salary

Generation Y FacebookThe 20-something generation is willing to take a lower paying position if they are granted more access to Facebook, other social media outlets and mobility.

In a recent Cisco report 1,400 young professionals aged 21-29 were asked about their job preferences and 40% of students along with 45% of young employees said they would take a pay cut or accept a lower paying job if they were granted access to social media and provided with a position in which technological devices are being used.

According to CBS News 56% of college students would turn down a job outright if the company blocked social media. The study also found that 68% of young workers believe they should be able to sign into personal social media accounts from their work related devices including computers, tablets and Smartphones. 

Proving how far technology has become ingrained in our personal lives 81% of respondents also revealed that picking their own devices for use made all the difference in accept a job at any pay level.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the younger generation views technology so strongly, having grown up with TVs, cell phones, computers and other gadgets all around them however it might surprise some readers to learn that 50% of users said technology was an “integral part of their lives” while one-third of those people put it directly on par with food and water.

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In fact technology is so important to Generation Y respondents that 64% said Internet access was more important than owning a car while 40% said it was more important than going out with friends or dating.


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