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Google Becomes OpenID Provider Via Blogger (Now Non-Geeks Can Join The Fun)

Google Becomes OpenID Provider Via Blogger (Now Non-Geeks Can Join The Fun)

After previously rolling out OpenID for Blog*spot blogs, Google seems to have stumbled upon the perfect formula to encourage its users to embrace OpenID.

Instead of making users register with third party sites (such as, Google instead will become the “host of the party” by enabling Blogger to become an OpenID provider.

(Blogger in Draft) As we hinted before, we’ve been working on making Blogger an OpenID provider. With our latest Blogger in Draft release, we’ve done just that. You can now use your blog’s URL as an OpenID URL on any website that accepts OpenID 1.1 authentication.

To enable OpenID for your blogs, just edit your profile on and enable the checkbox which says Enable OpenID for Blogs and you are all set!

After checking this box, you can use the URL of any of the blogs you are an admin of as an OpenID identity. When you use it to log in to another site, you will be taken back to Blogger where you can confirm that Blogger can tell the site that you own the domain.

What makes this feature great is the fact that users do not have to understand “geek” in order to have this feature turned on within their blogger powered blogs. Users can also enable multiple sites, which can come in handy for those of you who post on more than one domain.

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In order to activate this, users will have to use the draft version of Blogger, which is basically the eternal testing grounds for all things Blogger. Blog*spot users who jumped on the OpenID band wagon early will have to remove any third party OpenID codes within their site in order to have this feature enabled.

Hopefully we will see more Google sites embrace the OpenID revolution, as it is a great way for users and providers to help cut down on anonymous flame wars…not to mention help thwart spam.

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