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Google Buzz: Google Says ReShare, But Users Want ReBuzz

Google Buzz: Google Says ReShare, But Users Want ReBuzz

In a move that echo’s Facebook’s “via” and Twitter’s  retweets, the search engine giant is launching a “Reshare” button which will allow fans of the service to repost messages from friends upon their Google Buzz timeline.

When you find an interesting buzz post you want to reshare, instead of copying and pasting it (and maybe attributing the original poster with an @reply along the way), you can now reshare posts with two clicks. […] [A]fter a lot of debate, we even settled on what to call it […] but reshare is still very much a work in progress. We wanted to launch and iterate so be sure to let us know what you think in the forum or on Buzz. (Official Gmail Blog)

While this feature is long overdue, many users are upset about the phrase reshare, and are apparently lobbying to have the phrase changed to rebuzz instead (which Google ironically considered but decided that the phrase Rebuzzing was “kinda lame”).

Thus far Google Buzz seems to have displaced Friendfeed (which was bought by Facebook) as a coveted geek hangout, and despite launching within Gmail the service has yet to appeal to the masses (who are either on Facebook or addicted to Twitter).

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Only time will tell whether reshare (or rebuzz as fans are calling it) helps the social micro blogging site entice the masses to join the conversation.

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  • Well, perhaps they chose Share as the buzz word because most new people understand the word Share and not Buzz. Either way, I’m happy with the ability to easily reshare content within Buzz.

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