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Google+ Integrates With Google Search, Personalizes The Web

Google+ Integrates With Google Search, Personalizes The Web

Google Plus Search Integration

We knew it was only a matter of time before Google+ and Google search were integrated in some way and on Tuesday Google rolled out that system. Under the deeply integrated platforms Google users who are logged into their Google+ accounts and to a smaller extent their other Google accounts will now see general search results along with the option to find results based off their Google+ friends network.

Using the search Google+ users can search their circles, photos, posts and a huge list of other on-site options.

Google has dubbed their new search platform Search Across The World and have given users the option to not just search a public database of websites, photos and other information but also a more private web consisting of your friends, co-workers, family and other Google+ followers.

To ensure there is no confusion over the new system all Google+ results are clearly annotated as such for example if searching for a photo (see above) you can see which friend shares the picture of the dog breed you are searching for.

Here’s a video showing the awesome capabilities of the new Google+ search integration for

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If that isn’t quite enough Google+ integration for you in one day Google+ profiles have also now become part of the search query box. This allows users to quickly search Google and first pull up information about someone they already know and now just 10,000 random people with the same name.  Google+ public profiles will also be shown after your own followers or circle members.  If you find someone you would like to follow you can then add them right from the search results page. It’s this last feature that should be most beneficial to celebrities, public figures and other people in the public spotlight who would like to add members to their Google+ account.

Of course this all now begs the question, when is Facebook going to launch a search feature of its own?

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