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Google Launches “Notes” for Enhanced Search Experience

Google Launches “Notes” for Enhanced Search Experience

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Google’s new “Notes” feature, part of Search Labs, allows users to add comments and insights to search results and articles. This innovative approach aims to enrich the search experience with valuable input from real users.

Experimenting Through Search Labs

“Notes” is released through Google’s Search Labs, a hub for testing new features. This platform has previously introduced groundbreaking features, including the AI assistant Bard.

Functionality of “Notes”

Users opting in through Search Labs will find a “Notes” button under certain search results, enabling them to view and create notes with text, photos, stickers, and soon, AI-generated images.

The Purpose Behind “Notes”

Google’s “Notes” intends to provide a layer of human insight to search results, offering tips and experiences from experts and everyday users alike.

Ensuring Content Safety and Quality

Content safety and quality are top priorities in “Notes”, with rigorous protections and human moderation in place, similar to standard search results.

Addressing Site Owner Concerns

Google plans to provide site owners with insights into the notes on their content, recognizing the importance of this feedback.

Availability of “Notes”

Currently, “Notes” is accessible in English in the U.S. and in English and Hindi in India, via Google Search Labs on Android and iOS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google’s “Notes”?

“Notes” is a feature allowing users to add and view comments on search results.

How can I access “Notes”?

Access “Notes” through Google’s Search Labs on Android and iOS in the U.S. and India.

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What can be included in a note?

Notes can include text, photos, stickers, and AI-generated images.

Where is “Notes” available?

“Notes” is available in English in the U.S., and in English and Hindi in India.

How is content safety ensured in “Notes”?

Google uses content protections and moderation similar to standard search results.

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