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Google Launches YouTube Video Ad Units For Adsense

Google Launches YouTube Video Ad Units For Adsense

It looks as if once again Google is setting the trend among its rivals when it comes to advertising!

Google has introduced a unique way for blogs, news sites, and everything in between to earn extra money by simply entertaining their readers with videos from YouTube.

But the best feature about this is that unlike Adsense ads, users will be able to heavily influence the types of videos displayed on their site, allowing them to show quality (and relevant) videos instead of something random from half way round the world.

(Inside Adsense) We’re excited about the launch of video units — a new way to enrich your site with quality, relevant video content in an embedded, customizable player. Simply embed a snippet of code and have relevant YouTube partner content streamed to your site. You can choose categories of video to target to your site, select content from individual YouTube partners, or have video automatically targeted to your site content. Companion and text overlay ads are relevant and non-intrusive. To further blend the YouTube player into your site, you can also customize the color scheme and layout as well as choose from three different player sizes.

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Google provides more information about video ads over here, as well as a video demonstration on their site.

This move by Google will probably once again shake up the ad industry, not to mention give publishers and advertisers another reason to invest less money in Yahoo! (as well as Microsoft) and to stick with the search engine king from silicon valley.

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  • I don’t think this will really take off with many buys. It’ll be a nice add on for a small niche of buyers.

  • Thanks for the article; I just updated my site with it. I selected the smallest (mini) player and it’s still too big. There is no option for sidebar size (180 width) so put it at the bottom of the page. Not optimal.

  • Great idea! Unfortunetly the video content is absolutely horrible! Most of the videos have no relavancy to our site. And, the videos that do, are a joke. Maybe some foul mouth teenagers ranting on about nothing. I can search throughout Utube and find an endless supply of relevant material. So, until I’m able to load the videos I want displayed on my site, or they get their act together to supply videos relevant to our content, I won’t use the Adsense Player…I’ll use the Utube player, get my own videos and displayed ads in and around the player.


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