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Google Proposes, YouTube Accepts…Now What?

Google Proposes, YouTube Accepts…Now What?

Matt Craven previously reported on talks on whether or not Google would purchase YouTube and add the video service to its collection of toys.

Three days and $1.65 billion later, YouTube is now apart of the Google Empire.

( The Internet’s largest search engine is joining forces with the most popular site to watch video on the Web. It was confirmed today that Google has agreed to purchase YouTube Inc. for $1.65 billion in stock. […]

“By joining forces with Google, we can benefit from its global reach and technology leadership to deliver a more comprehensive entertainment experience for our users and to create new opportunities for our partners,” said YouTube Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Chad Hurley in a statement.

What apparently sealed the deal was not the money, but rather YouTube remaining independent of Google Video as its group, although the billion dollar plus offer did help sweeten the deal…at least for YouTube.

Although the buy out is a plus for Google as they are considering placing ads within the video’s themselves, users may find YouTube to be less appealing for legal reasons.

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(USA Today) Meanwhile, Google and YouTube are taking steps to befriend content providers and resolve a host of copyright issues ‘€” a necessity to ward off legal liabilities.

As any teenager and corporate executive in the music industry knows, you can watch your favorite music videos on YouTube just as easily as watching them on MTV. But with Google cracking down on illegal copyright videos, will YouTube remain popular with the youth or will they jump ship towards another network?

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  • For you tube Darnell, it’s a jackpot. I remember I commented on the rumors that I won’t believe until I saw the proof. Seems to be the news of Google bought YouTube gave me a big slap!

    For Google it will be a serious hard run, since they already emptied their $1.65 billion, and have the YouTube plus the entire copyright allegation. Google have to deal with those quick. Reason now the whole world knows YouTube belongs to Google, so any slightest copyright violation will be a big bucks.

    I winder if Google bought it just to dump a possible competitor of Google video. Well just a thought, Google’s share looks Ok and had a raise since yesterday. I think they will go through.

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