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Google Seeking A Few Good Web Designers (For Blogger Blogspot Blogs)

Google Seeking A Few Good Web Designers (For Blogger Blogspot Blogs)

After receiving a lot of feedback two weeks ago regarding the need for new blog*spot template designs, the boys and girls at Google are seeking help for new template designs for Blogger.


(Message via @Blogger)

Google should have very little trouble finding web designers for Blogger/Blog*Spot, as there are plenty of talent out there pumping out blogger templates for free.

Unfortunately however it seems as if Google is not seeking to hire any designers, as one discovers after clicking upon the URL.

(Blogger Wed Design Request) Blogger is the largest blogging platform in the world, and building templates for Blogger is a great way to promote your designs and drive traffic back to your site. […]

Blogger gets hundreds of millions of pageviews a day and has millions of active users. Blogger will offer your designs in a Template Directory in From there, we’ll link to a URL you provide to drive traffic back to your site. If you are interested in building templates for Blogger, fill out the contact information below and we’ll be in touch!

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Despite the fact that there seems to be no exchange of cash (or even Google gear!), this offer may help a few designers seeking publicity to stand out from the crowd.

It will be interesting to see how many blog designers take up Google on this offer (despite the lack of compensation), as well as what templates they eventually create.

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  • Meh, having “Google” as a client in your portfolio (even though it’s hardly the case) could still make a great impression on some unsavvy, potential clients.

  • In that case you could just go ahead and design a template wether they requested it or not, and still say you did it “for Google”. Also, it would be wicked cool to be paid $1 so you could truthfully call Google a client.

  • That is lame, to be honest. Google spent thousands of dollars when it hired designers like Doug Bowman, Dave Shea, Dan Cederholm, Dan Rubin etc. Why are they not ready to splurge now?

    I hope they do not get any decent designers, much as what happened when they requested leading art makers for free artwork to be used in Chrome skins.

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