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Google “Takeout” App Now Lets Users Fuse Multiple Accounts Into One

Google “Takeout” App Now Lets Users Fuse Multiple Accounts Into One

Google Takeout For Google Plus MigrationIf you’re like me you have a Google+ account for business, one for work and possibly even a few more for websites you own or people you stalk (hopefully not this last one). Google+ engineers realize that with multiple accounts some users become frustrated by their upkeep and that’s where “Takeout” comes into play.

The new app by Google+ engineers allows users to access all of their Google+ accounts and roll them into a singular social network account. By doing so a users social connections and friend lists are transferred to the account of their choosing without any hassle.

The new platform was revealed in an official Google+ post by Ronald Ho.

The tool is very simple to use, allowing users to funnel outside accounts into their main account. Information that can be transferred includes friends, information and blocking settings. Once you have transferred everyone over to your singular account your contact will notice no difference, still seeing your information when they look you up or see your shares in social search results.

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If you want to give give the new program a try by merging your own Google+ accounts into a singular account you can look through the full setup process here.

Do you see value in merging your Google+ accounts into one singular account.

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