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Google To BlogSpot Users: Please Monetize Your Blogs

Google To BlogSpot Users: Please Monetize Your Blogs


Over on the Blogger Buzz, Google provided a quick explanation regarding its Monetize tab which mysteriously appeared late last month upon many Blogger blogs.

(Blogger Buzz) You may have noticed that about a week ago a new tab showed up in Blogger for your blog. The tab is called Monetize, and in case it isn’t clear what that means: it’s now easier than ever to make money with your blog! […]

The current Monetize tab allows you to apply for an AdSense account (or link your Blogger blog to an existing AdSense account). You can then choose where to place ads on your blog, and once ads start appearing on your blog, review your earnings.

Once a user clicks on the “Monetize link,” Google cleverly presents them with several options as to where they should place ads on their blog, with some extra emphasis on placing ads upon the sidebar and underneath posts.


With the global recession upon us, Google is probably attempting to squeeze as many pennies as possible from its various properties, especially from Blogger (which is the world’s second most popular blog platform, rivaled only by QQzone from China).

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While Google continues to innovate and provide Blogger for free to the masses, hosting everyone’s images and video is probably costing them a fortune.

Encouraging its users to finally monetize their blogs may be a way not only to improve Google’s balance sheet in front of their investors, but also help Blogger avoid the chopping block (a fate Jaiku was unable to escape from).

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