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Google Updates Google Reader, But Did Anyone Care?

Google Updates Google Reader, But Did Anyone Care?

With most the geek world focused upon Twitter, Facebook or how Egypt virtually disappeared from the internet (thanks in part to a power hungry dictator), many bloggers may have missed news regarding Google Reader’s latest update.

As some of you have noticed, we’ve recently enhanced Reader’s commenting abilities, via an “Options” menu that is present for all conversations about shared items. You can now get a link to the equivalent conversation in Google Buzz, which is handy for passing around a funny thread. If it’s your shared item, you can disable comments entirely, if for example the conversation was about a topic whose time has passed.

Additionally, you can now moderate comments within Reader. If the conversation is on an item that you shared, you have the option to remove comments directly. For all conversations, you can report comments as spam. (Official Google Reader Blog)

This is a great feature to have, although truth be told I’ve have yet to encounter spam or even trolls upon Google Reader’s social sharing network (or rather Google Buzz’s since they “share” space with each other).

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Despite it’s smaller size than Twitter or Facebook, Google Reader is far from dead and still boasts an active community of loyal fans (mostly composed of geeks and artists).

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