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Google’s Blogger Platform Now Offers Webcam Image Uploading

Google’s Blogger Platform Now Offers Webcam Image Uploading

Blogger and Webcam ImagesGoogle’s Blogger platform on Thursday released a new feature that allows users to add webcam images directly into their posts.

The process for using the new feature is simple, select “insert image” and then click “from your webcam” and then take a few pictures, Blogger then keeps the last three photos a user chooses at which point the blogger can choose their favorite webcam stills to feature in their post.

While bloggers seem to like the idea based on comments placed on the official Google Blogger post they have also requested streaming capabilities that would allow them to post live webcam broadcasts on their blogs, much like the Google+ Hangouts feature. 

Blogger has been attempting to grab users at a time when Facebook is attempting to scare them away from the platform, in March Facebook began requiring that Blogger users enter a captcha image before their posts could be shared on Facebook, a move that Facebook swears is meant to help avoid spam but which isn’t used on the more popular WordPress platform.

Blogger programmers also recently announced that the company is allowing accounts to be censored in certain countries that request that particular feature. It looks as if the company wants to please everyone but only if its in their best interest to do so.

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In the meantime posting from Google’s web address to Google+ is a simple process requiring no captcha.

Take a look at Google’s Blogger webcam capture and let us know if you find this new feature useful for your blogging needs.

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