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Gowalla Announces ‘Highlights’ Feature, Sends You To Your Happy Place

Gowalla Announces ‘Highlights’ Feature, Sends You To Your Happy Place

Gowalla Highlights ScreenshotGowalla today rolled out a new feature called ‘highlights’ and by using this feature users can now give little items to places they visit, marking them with useful icons to show off their importance.

While the program offers basic items, such as “Best Cup” for cups of coffee, it also features some wacky options like “My Happy Place” and “Guilty Pleasure” along with “Celebrity Sightings” and even “Hitched” in case you decide to tie the not in a drunken night in Las Vegas.

Highlights is available for immediate use and allows you to add your own and view friends highlights from the Gowalla website.

The Gowalla team has also promised that the mobile versions of their program for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry will also soon receive the option.

Gowalla hopes the new feature will allow you to learn interesting facts about your friends, perhaps a friend also has the same happy place as you or enjoys the same cup of coffee.

Actually that last one could be great if you plan on asking a friend out for coffee at a later date…perhaps this whole highlights option will take off.

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Gowalla Highlights Screenshot

What do you think about Gowalla Highlights, I’d be interested to see the interesting way you might use this new feature.

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