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Google Docs Now Offering “Offline” Editing

Google Docs Now Offering “Offline” Editing

Google Docs ViewerBig news out of the Google I/O conference on Thursday as the company announced the ability to edit Google Docs offline with the help of Google Drive.

Taking the stage at the conference was Clay Bevor, director of product management for Google Apps who accessed his Google Drive platform and pulled up a Google Doc without the need for WiFi or hardwired connectivity.

According to Google offline editing will be made available for various devices including Windows PCs with the Google Chrome browser and Apple’s line of iOS devices.

The move could be a big boost for travelers who may not have WiFi on select flights and for field users in remote areas who need to update documents but do not necessarily need to share those documents until they have internet connection.

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As an online content creator I love to jot down my idea at all times of the day and I live in an area with iffy mobile connectivity, by editing documents offline then uploading when I’m in a better content area I can already see the benefits of the new Google Docs offline editing program.

Do you see the benefit in offline Google Docs editing?

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