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How Did WordPress Defeat Joomla And Drupal As The Best Open Source CMS?

How Did WordPress Defeat Joomla And Drupal As The Best Open Source CMS?

Whenever I think of open sourced CMS (Content Management System), I often think of Drupal and Joomla which are used by web masters to make powerful websites without breaking the bank.

So you can imagine my surprise when WordPress–software created primarily for blogging–defeated Joomla and Drupal as the Overall Best Open Source CMS for 2009.

Update: Corrections made to article. See below for details.

( We are pleased to announce that WordPress has won the Overall Best Open Source CMS Award in the 2009 Open Source CMS Awards. WordPress has won this Award for the first time in the past four years, earning itself a place in the Hall of Fame category for the Award next year.

While WordPress occupied the top spot in the Overall Award, the other two extremely popular finalists MODx and SilverStripe tied for the first runner up position.

Although I am still puzzled as why web masters skilled in the “art of geek” would choose WordPress over its rivals (ease of use perhaps?) this marks a great victory for those belonging to the faith of WordPress.

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While only time will tell whether WordPress will defeat it’s rivals in 2010, its victory here could mark the beginning when WordPress is seen more as a CMS, instead of yet another “web journal software” to use.

Update: Corrected CMS mistake (published Customer Management Software instead of Content Management System).

Also a commentors pointed out that WordPress won because Drupal & Joomla won previously.

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  • It won over Drupal and Joomla because Drupal and Joomla were not eligible for the Overall award since they won it previous years. So, it won because Drupal and Joomla could not compete with it legally.

  • @Shaun – Note, however, that WP placed a close second in the “Best Open Source PHP CMS” category, which is a more direct indication of its recent rise as a serious CMS and not “just a blogging tool” as many try to pigeon-hole it.

  • WordPress wins because it’s largely a popularity contest, not a measure of capability. We have chosen WordPress and Drupal as our primary development platforms and we have tremendous respect for both camps. Anyone that has ever gone under the hood of Drupal understands it’s power and impact. WordPress is a Volkswagen, value priced and easy to drive. Drupal is a Lamborghini, tough to master and far less popular as a result. We drive a Volkswagen when budget retrains us but we drive a Lamborghini when budget is secondary to performance, power and delivering podium positions for our clients.

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