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How Movies Are Made: Film Industry Bloggers

How Movies Are Made: Film Industry Bloggers

Ever dream of leaving your mundane job behind and breaking into the movie industry? Since for most of us, that vision will never turn into a reality, we’ve got the next best thing: Film Industry Bloggers. This new blog features posts from everyone who make movies happen. Namely, the folks whose names fly by in the credits as you navigate your way down a sticky hallway.

As you can imagine, these jobs are not all glitz and glamor. In fact, one of the reasons film-directing creator Richard Janes came up with the concept was to give like-minded film professionals a place to congregate and confer.

The blog is a must-visit if you want a sneak peek inside the backlot or are considering film school.

The site is initially launching with 20 film blogs and hopes to host over 60 by September of this year.

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Janes and his wife Amy came up with the concept during the writer’s strike.

No smokescreens. No hard-to-follow action sequences. No brain dead actors. (OK, maybe a few). Film Industry Bloggers takes you behind the silver screen.

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