How Social Sites Make Money [Infographic]

Money Making InfographicWherever you look these days on the internet you’ll find social media company’s vying for a piece of your web traffic, of course those company’s need to turn a profit somewhere and they each use some interesting techniques to earn cash for their often free platforms. recently took a look at some of the webs biggest social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Reddit, LinkedIn, Meetup, Tumblr and others to determine which  revenue streams are making major social network sites money.

What the company found and created in their infographic was a mixture of ads, premium web apps, mobile apps with specific payment structures, subscription services, affiliate marketing and much more.

What surprised us the most was that only 7% of social networking websites use diversified revenue channels to earn money. The infographic also reveals that 77 percent of all revenue is generated from display ads.

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Here’s the full infographic, take a look and let us know which money making venture you find most interesting or surprising:

How Social Sites Make Money - An Infographic

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