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Twitter Blue: Bloggers Can Now Upload Movie-Length Media

Twitter Blue: Bloggers Can Now Upload Movie-Length Media

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As most of us know, users usually write short posts on Twitter. Recently, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has provided an announcement regarding the fact that Twitter users are now able to upload videos up to about 2 hours in total length. Moreover, the size limit of files for premium users has been increased to 8 GB from 2 GB. Furthermore, the quality of the file is also constant at 1080p. But, this opportunity is only available to subscribers who have the Twitter Blue package. This announcement came after Linda Yaccarino was chosen as the new CEO of the micro-blogging site by Elon Musk.

Significance of the Announcement

The 2-hour file duration videos are a new thing to be introduced on Twitter. Twitter Blue package users can use this privilege. On the other hand, non-verified Twitter users don’t have the option of uploading a 2-hour file, rather, they can only upload files of about 140 seconds. Twitter used to only give a 1-hour video uploading option to premium users, but they have increased the time two-fold.

History of the Twitter Blue Subscription and Its Announcement

The introduction of the Twitter Blue Subscription started on April 1st, costing around 8 US dollars per year. Moreover, it was only possible to upload longer-duration movies from the web.

But at the moment, users can also upload the files through their iOS app if they possess an iPhone. The quality of the video content has been kept at 1080p. People appreciated Twitter’s latest announcement.

Furthermore, there is another announcement by Musk saying that verified users will gain access to encrypted messaging services. This encrypted messaging service is only available for verified users. About 650k subscribers are using the Twitter Blue subscription service. As opposed to Twitter for iOS and, on Android, subscribers can only upload videos with a length of around 10 minutes.

Though, clearly, the capacity of uploading longer videos hasn’t been a perfect attraction for Twitter Blue customers yet. This is especially because Twitter included hour-long video uploads to the Twitter Blue provided back in December. And just approximately 0.3% of Twitter users have registered for the $8 per month subscription thus far.

Elon Musk and the Announcement of the Twitter Blue Package

The latest announcement helps to find the suitable conditions for uploading a 2-hour video file to the website. Moreover, it has been noted that Linda Yaccarino, the newest Chief Executive Officer, has been seen to work mainly on product design and new technologies as compared to the business operations conducted by Elon Musk.

More Features Regarding the Twitter Blue Subscription

The new video lengths have only one of the numerous improvements being stuffed into a Twitter Blue subscription, including a blue verified checkmark (which is quickly becoming a worthy status symbol), encrypted messages with serious flaws, text formatting support, and the ability to edit tweets. Even though Musk stated in February that the functionality was operational, Twitter is currently working on a mechanism to split advertising money with Blue customers.

Moreover, more than 80% users of Twitter never post anything on the app. Realistically speaking, Twitter just needs a tiny fraction of money from the users who are active on the media platform. Moreover, Twitter needs to start producing longer video generation profit and benefits.

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With the employment of the new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, it is visible that Twitter is also giving an extra focus on video content. In this particular instance, Tucker Carlson has become very popular with his new Twitter show which is also one of the exclusive video content.

Elon Musk has regularly discussed his wish regarding Twitter. He has wished for becoming a major competitor against YouTube in terms of video talent. Perhaps, given Yaccarino’s expertise in developing a subscription TV service, the business will now aim to implement this and bring video content to the spearhead of the app for better competition and performance.

Twitter is planning on creating a newly developed revenue share program that might be able to bring more viewers to social media and help build revenue opportunities.

Yaccarino also has significantly more expertise in video than Musk, and she may want to steer Twitter in her desired direction as per their prepared plan. Ultimately, whatever happens in the end, it appears that video will significantly play a major role, and longer duration video uploads are just pieces of the ultimate jigsaw puzzle that might contribute to influencing user behavior.

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