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Good News: Hugo Chavez Hearts WordPress

Good News: Hugo Chavez Hearts WordPress

After joining the Twitterverse in April, it looks like Venezuela’s President has decided to launch an official blog powered by WordPress (self hosted of course).

According to the AP, Chavez launched the site in order to help combat rumors being spread about him online, although right now his blog seems more geared to preaching “the revolution” (which is code word for socialism for you free market lovin’ capitalists).

Although the site makes no mention of WordPress (which might be a good thing for the company!), looking at the code behind the blog reveals the WP code from within.

The Venezuelan President is currently running version WordPress 2.9.2 as well as a few notable plugins (like NextGen Gallery). Overall the theme looks fairly decent, although the dark crimson colors near the top are slightly irritating.

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Surprisingly Chavez is allowing users to express their opinion about him openly, as one can tell by some of the critical remarks about him (with a few calling him a dictator, among “other things”).

Only time will tell whether or not Chavez will personally blog upon the site himself (perhaps via his Blackberry?), but either way it looks as if the blogosphere has yet another head of state joining the cyber debate, and from the looks of it Chavez is here to stay.

(Image Credit: Blog of Hugo Chavez, via Mashable)

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