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Ibex Investors Seals $106 Million for Israeli Start-ups

Ibex Investors Seals $106 Million for Israeli Start-ups

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Ibex Investors has sealed its fourth fundraising venture, Ibex Israel VC II LP, garnering over $106 million. The fund is focused on fledgling Israeli tech start-ups, reflecting Ibex’s determination to further pioneer work and growth within this blossoming industry. The funds raised underscore the firm’s commitment to cultivating novel tech ventures in Israel.

This successful funding event closely follows another prosperous endeavor in 2020, suggesting a promising upswing in private funding directed towards this tech hotspot. Investors seem increasingly keen to back Israeli tech, with the surge in funding poised to yield significant, breakthrough advancements that could garner global acclaim for Israel’s tech sector.

The array of investors behind the Ibex fund includes industry executives and founders, reinforcing the fund’s scope for investing in a broad spectrum of sectors. The fund has repeatedly demonstrated this strategy through its diverse global investments, opening doors for versatile growth potentials and dynamic risk management.

Running the show in Israel are Nicole Priel and Gal Gitter, with Aaron Rinberg and Alon Cinamon amongst their operational backers. Their collective know-how ensures seamless execution, making a pivotal contribution to the maximization of returns.

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Since its launch in 2012, Ibex has consistently provided support for an impressive number of start-ups in their infancy and growth phases, including familiar names like BeamUp, Appwrite, and Weka. Numerous companies from Ibex’s robust investment portfolio have caught the attention of industry behemoths like LinkedIn and Intuit, who have endorsed them through acquisitions. This bolsters Ibex’s strategic acumen, helping mould the future of the tech sector.

Despite potential geopolitical and economic headwinds, Ibex remains committed to the Israeli market, with its leadership deeply believing in the Israeli tech entrepreneur’s potential. The firm is eager to support these daring innovators, positioning Ibex Investors as a reliable ally to these entrepreneurial hopefuls.

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