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Idiot’s Guide to Google Wave, Lifehacker Style

Idiot’s Guide to Google Wave, Lifehacker Style

Thecompleteguidetogooglewavecover01Couldn’t get enough of Google Wave definitions, how to’s, and even a demo video ala Pulp Fiction.  Finally, the sane folks at came up with their own Google Wave manual – The Complete Guide to Google Wave.

Download Squad calls it a “straightforward, well-organized volume that goes a long way toward demystifying a new and complex tool.” That tool of course is Google Wave, as Google is perpetuating it as a new communication tool.

It’s actually a preview edition of an ebook which will be available for sale sometime January 2010. So, if you’re into Google Wave and you want to learn more about it, read it now, download and copy the manual if  you must, before it becomes officially out for sale.

Be forwarned, it’s eight chapters all in all. Although the manual is written in straightforward manner, still it’s a long read.

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Or you can take the route less travelled by lazy readers like me, just use Google Wave and let nature runs its course, so to speak. What? You don’t have a Google Wave account yet? Shoot me an email with your Gmail account and I’ll throw you an invite.

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