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Instagram Delivers 64,000 Photos From 2012 London Games [Infographic]

Instagram Delivers 64,000 Photos From 2012 London Games [Infographic]

Ryan Seacrest at OlympicsInstagram has only been around since 2010 but the social photo sharing service is quickly becoming a vehicle not only for traditional photo posting but also as a way to share events with massive reach. The?social media engagement and monitoring firm?VenueSeen?recently took a look at photo sharing during the 2012 Summer Olympics and discovered that more than 64,000 pictures were Instagram shared by spectators and athletes in London.

Olympic organizers originally tried to ban the sharing of images, videos and audio recordings from the event, claiming copyright control over events, however with almost every visitor to the London Olympics carrying a smartphone that copyright protection proved to be impossible to control.

The massive sporting event eventually posted guidelines to be followed for athletes and spectators but instead pictures and videos flowed freely.

To determine which photos were Olympic generated the team at VenueSeen examined geo-tagged and hashtagged photos from?the 2012 Olympics on?Instagram.

The infographic that was created is titled “Instagold” and features Instagram photo information from celebrities, athletes, world leaders and Olympic tagged photos from spectators.

Olympics and Instagram Infographic

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While 64,000 photos were shared the networks true reach comes from how many people saw those photos. For example the 80+ million strong social photo sharing website delivered 2 Ryan Seacrest photos to more than 1.47 million fans via his @RyanSeacrest account.

My favorite fact from the infographic? The fact that in his last year of competition Michael Phelps managed to rack up 27,000+ hashtag at #michaelphelps while the #olympics total climbed towards the 1 million mark.


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