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Installing Disqus On Blogger Is Now Idiot Proof

Installing Disqus On Blogger Is Now Idiot Proof

Despite the fact that Disqus has one of the best commenting layouts in the blogosphere, installing the commenting platform upon Blogger (aka BlogSpot) was extremely cumbersome (at least when compared to rivals like Intense Debate).

Today Disqus has announced that they are adopting a new method to install their commenting system upon Blogger, which should please users who have no desire to dig through the code.

We’ve made it much easier to integrate Disqus with your Blogger layout. Using the Gadget functionality we’ve been able to improve the time of integration, and now require no patching of your template. Simply authorize Disqus, add a Gadget with your sites Disqus code, and you’re good to go. (Official Disqus Blog)

This should help increase Disqus’s popularity with BlogSpot fans, especially those who loathe all things CAPTCHA (which not only doesn’t work, but marginalizes the visually impaired).

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Currently Disqus is available for all major blogging platforms (except for not surprisingly, as well as upon the  iPhone (via an unofficial app), the latter which may help users moderate their comments while they are on the go.

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