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Introducing Talk Digger

Introducing Talk Digger

With apologies to Frédérick Giasson who emailed me about this a few days ago but I then let the email get burried in the jungle which has become my inbox: introducing Talk Digger, one of those products that smacks you in the face and says “why the hell didn’t I think of that”.

What is Talk Digger? Talk Digger is a tool that queries leading sites and blog search and tracking tools and delivers the results back on one screen. You also have some statistics provided on your past searches at the site. Its the first time I’ve used a site that delivers stats from multiple blog related sources such Technorati, Blogpulse, Feedster and others, making it a whole lot easier to check your latest link stats, and those of others. Its also an interesting exercise in who is tracking what. Whilst I’m hesitant to suggest what I’m about to based on a few test results, you’d pretty easily get a good idea of which blog search engines and tracking tools are leading the pack compared to their competitors as well.
Bloglines 0 (might be not working??)
Technorati 1,208
BlogPulse 1,708
PubSub 674
Icerocket 638
Feedster 1,927
BlogDigger 87

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Fred has more details on the new service here.

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  • Hello Mr. Riley,

    There is no problem, do not worry ;) I totally understand that email jungle hehehe.

    However, thank for that post. Keep checking at it in the next days, there will be two major updates (probably one that I will put online today).




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