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iPhone Blogs: 7 of the Best to Follow

iPhone Blogs: 7 of the Best to Follow

iPhone WallpaperUnless you’ve been living under a rock with Internet access so limited that you get is The Blog Herald — and if that’s the case, please leave a comment because we’d love to interview you — then you probably already knew that Apple has come out with a new iPhone.

Which probably would mean that you’re also at least vaguely interested in what the blogosphere has to say about the iPhone and what some of the highest-quality blogs are that talk about it regularly.

Here are seven of them. Please add your favorites in the comments.

  1. iPhone Buzz
  2. MacRumors
  3. The iPhone Blog – How’s that for a name?
  4. iPhone Hacks
  5. Top iPhone News
  6. iPhones Talk – not “iPhone Stalk”
  7. Fast Company

Are you reading this blog on an iPhone? :)

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