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Is Facebook Blocking Digg’s Profile Finder?

Is Facebook Blocking Digg’s Profile Finder?

After previously relaunching their site, it looks as if predictions of Digg’s demise may have been preliminary at best, thanks in part to Digg’s heavy embrace of social networking.

Although locating friends on other social networks (like Twitter and Google) via Digg’s profile finder makes the site much easier to embrace, it seems as finding Facebook friends is “mysteriously” not working (at least for this author).

It seems the only way to discover ones Digg buddies is to log into Facebook itself, and viewing the Digg Facebook application directly.

While one could always chalk this up to more Digg bugs, Facebook has previously blocked Twitter when the micro blogging social network tried something similar, which makes one wonder if we are witnessing deja vu all over again.

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Either way I’ve reached out to Digg regarding this issue, and if any users are experiencing similar problems (or can connect to Facebook) feel free to share your thoughts below.

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