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Jealous Of WordPress, Textpattern Community Plots iPhone App

Jealous Of WordPress, Textpattern Community Plots iPhone App

After watching Automattic dominate the mobile verse with WordPress for iPhone, the Textpattern community for the past few years has been debating about how an iPhone app can be created for their users.

The demand for an iPhone app is so great that a few of their users are thinking about converting to the “dark side” in order to be able to blog upon their beloved iDevice.

That’s the bit that’s really pulling me towards using WP for an uncoming project – the ability to add images quickly and easily using a iPhone or Android app (a client specific request).

I don’t want to move away from TXP, but this worries me (slightly) that with new technologies and platforms coming forward will TXP stand at this current point, or will it be able to roll forward. Maybe with the next ‘big’ release it’ll quash those fears. (via Babyben)

Users have debated for years about copying WordPress’s code in order to help speed development of a Textpattern app, and while many guru’s have argued over which process would work best, only one has offered to build the community a free native Textpattern app, but for a price.

Quick question: would the community (you) be willing to pay a small share of the grand total that is required to develop an iPhone app? (via keoshi)

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Keoshi is from Portugal so it is unclear if he’s quoting $1,000 USD or €1,000 (which is about $1,300 USD). Either way, a free Textpattern app could help the CMS retain their current userbase, as well as attract users from other platforms.

(Image Credit: TXP Mobile Beta).

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  • I used Textpattern for years, then switched simply because I felt it was going nowhere. It’s totally stalled. And when asking the developers about file-based editing of templates, they point to an awkward plugin that never worked for me. Of course the templates should be editable in the users editor of choice. But no, Textpattern is like a rock. Never changing much. Only underlying geeky details that make little sense to non-geek users.

    Oh, and how about changing the default admin theme from the ugly original to the newer Remona or whatever it’s called? No no no, they won’t do that. The user can always activate it themselves. Okay. You do know that first impressions last?

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