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Jeni Britton tackles food waste with sustainable nutrition bars

Jeni Britton tackles food waste with sustainable nutrition bars

"Sustainable Nutrition Bars"

Jeni Britton, founder of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, is embarking on a new venture to tackle food waste. Her project will turn discarded fruit and vegetable trimmings into sustainable, nourishing nutrition bars. This not only helps in waste elimination but also promotes a healthier diet, as these parts of the fruits and vegetables contain the most nutrients.

The packaging for the nutrition bar will also be recyclable and environmentally friendly, aligning with the project’s sustainability ethos. Britton wishes that her venture will inspire other companies to find creative ways to deal with food waste and incorporate sustainability into their core values.

Britton’s experience in the food industry kicked off in 2002 with her now famous ice cream business, which has grown to over 80 stores countrywide. She encountered typical startup struggles, but through her determination and industry understanding, she achieved significant success.

Transforming food waste into nutritious bars

Over time her ice cream business flourished, hitting the noteworthy milestone of 80 stores nationwide by 2010 along with a fruitful wholesale operation.

Her newest endeavor, entitled Floura & Co, aims to innovate the snack industry. The nutrition bar’s primary ingredient being fruit peels, a commonly overlooked component, demonstrates the company’s firm commitment to sustainability and healthful living.

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No stranger to ambition, Britton aims to utilize her enterprise as a steppingstone towards major transformation in the industry. She dreams of shaping a business that acts as a beacon for benevolence and drives positive change.

A crowdfunding campaign to fuel this eco-friendly initiative quickly surpassed its initial target of $10,000. The outpour of support led the team to increase their goal to $50,000, and the campaign stands at $25,278 to date. With 28 days left in the fundraising period, there is plenty of opportunity for further contributions towards this noble venture.

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