Johnson County, Indiana tries to control Student & Teacher Blogs

I’m not sure what it’s going to take before government & business entities stop trying to control what their employees and/or students are blogging about – some sort of realization that there’s not any way to control such a thing? And that doing so only makes you look like an idiot?

Take Johnson County, Indiana, for example. The public school system has decided, according to this story in the Indianapolis Star, to try and control posts on sites such as

The new guidelines would apply to student and teacher postings on blogs and social networking sites such as, said Jim White, the Johnson County district’s director of technology. As more students turn to the Internet to vent about their classmates, principals are facing new disciplinary challenges.

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I can’t wait to see the first court challenge over this policy.

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  • So we’re going to have a school board whose highest political and public service position is, the local school board. Deciding what’s obscene, defamatory, proprietary, or libelous. These are questions that 9 justices on the Supreme Court can’t come to agreement on. How are a bunch of idiots on a school board going to decide these issues?

    They should stick to making sure there are no naked National Geographic pictures in the library.

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