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Kedco Plans to Improve Kosciusko County’s Housing

Kedco Plans to Improve Kosciusko County’s Housing

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"Kosciusko Housing Improvement"

On March 2, 2024, the Kosciusko Economic Development Corp. (Kedco) confirmed plans to improve Kosciusko County’s living conditions by enhancing housing options. The corporation aims to make the community an attractive destination for new residents by retrofitting old buildings and constructing modern housing complexes. This strategy is aimed at stimulating economic growth and the revitalization of residential areas to attract more businesses into the county.

Kedco is collaborating with local government and other organizations, to start several housing initiatives in the coming years. These initiatives, centered on environmental sustainability and green technologies, demonstrate Kedco’s commitment to improving Kosciusko County’s overall quality of life. As Suzie Light, Kedco Co-Acting Director says, quality housing plays a crucial role in local development, directly impacting community sustainability and economic growth.

One particularly significant project that Kedco initiated was motivated by a study that revealed approximately 2,000 additional home units were needed in Kosciusko County. To address this, Kedco embarked on a project to increase housing options for its workforce, which entailed new constructions, renovations of existing structures, and collaborations with real estate developers. The goal was to provide comfortable and conveniently located dwellings for employees, thereby improving workplace productivity, satisfaction, and retention.

The Anchor Employer Workforce Housing Demonstration Program was launched to rectify the housing shortage. Funded by a $1 million state grant matched by Zimmer Biomet, the program is designed to make it affordable for employers like Kedco to build workforce housing. Kedco sees this as an essential step towards not only fulfilling the needs of their employees but also strengthening the local economy.

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As the project’s focal point, Kedco is responsible for many of its facets, including land control, sourcing proposals from developers, ensuring all parties understand the project’s scope, and conflict resolution. All these efforts are geared towards a successful project carried out smoothly, effectively, and efficiently.

Kedco has also masterminded significant projects such as refurbishing the old Gatke warehouse, setting up a multi-purpose project at the former Owen’s grocery store site, and the upcoming Eastfield Subdivision, which will provide over 50 private homes. Simultaneously, Kedco is engaged in making the city environment-friendly and pedestrian-friendly, building student housing near Warsaw University, and restoring some heritage buildings in the city.

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