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Kevin Rose launches WeFollow via Digg

Kevin Rose launches WeFollow via Digg


With Pownce closed and sold to Six Apart in December of 2008, Kevin Rose apparently had more up his Diggnation shirt sleeves. Say hello to WeFollow a user-generated Twitter aggregator that makes use of common hashtags to determine your “niche” as a microblogger.

What’s brilliant about WeFollow is that there is no need for sign ups: all you need to do is tweet hashtag categories (you can see recommendations in the WeFollow sidebar) to @wefollow and the service organizes you into up to three

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Kevin Rose blasted WeFollow into Digg today and the results are epic. There have been a number of creative ways to monetize Twitter and WeFollow may just be another portal to do so. Categorizing Twitter users according to niche adds more value than the regular mess of the front page time line.

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  • How do you write this article without mentioning the FIRST Twitter Directory … Twellow is an automated directory with over 2 million listings and has many features that WeFollow does not have such as geo categorization.

    It has been around for about a year and is part of the Network.

    Rich Ord
    CEO, iEntry Network

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