Kidnapped Journalist Tweets After Outsmarting Captors With Their Own Phone

Captured Journalist Tweets

How do you reach out to the world when you’re a Japanese journalist who has been captured in Afghanistan? If you can steal away your captors phone you simple send some Tweets letting your followers know you are still alive and well.

According to PC World the reporter, Kosuke Tsuneoka, was held for five months without contact to the outside world, however when a soldier wanted to show off his Nokia N70 Smartphone Tsuenoka took advantage of the situation, showing the soldier how to use the internet on the device via Twitter.

How dumb was the soldier? He actually allowed Tsuneoka to call tech support to activate the phones internet, then allowed him to use Twitter to show him and his fellow soldiers how to reach out to other journalists.

Tsueneoka then sent two Tweets in English:

Journalist Tweet Screen

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Whether it was partly because of those Tweet’s that he was released the next day is hard to say, although various sources believe that his release was because he converted to the Muslim faith.

It looks like I finally found a GOOD reason to have location based services.

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