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King Announces Two New Facebook Games: Papa Pear Saga And Farm Heroes Saga

King Announces Two New Facebook Games: Papa Pear Saga And Farm Heroes Saga

Papa Pear Saga

King, the social gaming company behind the smash hits Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch Saga have announced two new games for Facebook. Now available are Papa Pear Saga and Farm Heroes Saga.

Last week changed its name to King in an attempt to distance itself from a web only platform. The company has promised to work more closely with Facebook and mobile platforms.

King currently serves 108 million players for a total of 12 billion gameplays per month across all supported platforms. The network claims 50 million gamers per day among its user base.

According to Riccardo Zacconi, co-founder and CEO of King:

“The exceptional growth of our mobile, Facebook, and cross-platform audience is a testament to the care and craft that goes into our games.”

Papa Pear Saga is based off of an existing game on called Papa Pear.  The game features dancing fruits, vegetables and inanimate objects. The physics-based game asks players to bounce a shot off as many objects as possible before landing in buckets. Papa Bear Saga currently offers 60 levels of gameplay. The game will also soon arrive for Google Android and Apple iOS. 

In Farm Heroes Saga players take part in a Bejeweled-style game with 70 unique levels of gameplay and three different game modes.

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You can try out Papa Pear Sage Here and Farm Heroes Saga Here.

Are you ready to give a new set of King games a try on Facebook?

Farm Heroes for Facebook

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  • hy, i am durch, so my englisch is not so good …………

    the game: farm heroes sage, is great, but i am nou at level 91 ther is something wrong, i can’t get my point was i must get. the extra ( more) point each time i don’t get …………..

  • This game has cost me a fortune! It ‘sticks’ and when I download again, I loose lives. I’ve lost at least 20 lives, and it gets old. GGGGRRRRRRRRR

  • the game farm heros does ,not work right,i have 11 thousand beans and cant even use them ,so whats up?

  • I have enjoyed this Papa Bear Saga Game on Facebook so much until now I am at Level 56 and the last couple ones are ridiculously HARD to get past, I have been stuck on this level *56 for days and about 20 lives….Come on already. Plz have some kind of something to bail us out because it is making me kinda angry.

  • I have finished level 90 in Papa Pear Saga and there are no more levels at this time. When are they going to add more??

    • I have finished all 165 levels in Papa Pear and now there are no more levels. I see the coming soon so I ask, just how soon? I am like totally addicted to this game and would love to keep please. So any ETA of the new levels beyond 165?

  • Hiii…,

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