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Let’s all go outdoors with

Let’s all go outdoors with

Just in time for summer, an online community for outdoor enthusiasts has been launched. was set up because its founders figured there had to be a lot of people that enjoyed the outdoors who wanted to post pictures, blog and write stories and upload videos about their adventures.

In addition to blogs, pictures and essays, there is also a forum to discuss important topics such as where the ducks are this year or what hurricane will enhance the surfing experience. You can even add your friends to your buddy list and know when they are online and chat live with them through the site.

Everyone that works and plays outside is welcome. This includes hunting, fishing, camping, cycling, hiking, ATVing, mountain biking, surfing, rafting, scuba diving, rock climbing, sailing, mountaineering, skiing, snow boarding, cliff diving, and anything else you love to do outdoors.

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Now, drop that computer, go out, then join

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