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Linden Lab Launches Second Life Grid Platform

Linden Lab Launches Second Life Grid Platform

Recognizing opportunities brought about by virtual worlds Linden Lab, creator of Second Life, has recently announced the launch of the Second Life Grid, which is the platform that runs the virtual world. Grid is then available for use as a virtual world platform for any organization to use. Second Life Grid is being marketed as a “resource for businesses, organizations and educators for creating a successful virtual presence.”

The Second Life Grid is a full-featured service platform of revolutionary technologies that support the globally renowned virtual world experience, Second Life. The Grid offers a comprehensive system of infrastructure, consumer features, tools, and services that allows any organization to provide its own unique immersive experience in the world’s largest interconnected virtual world.

The viability of Second Life as a virtual realm has been explored by organizations and companies through various ways, such as showing of documentaries, holding of conferences, virtual land/property, advertising platforms, a virtual economy that can extend into real life, and even for activism or radicalism.

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Second Life will remain focused on residents, while Linden Lab has offered various programs for organizations that wish to explore opportunities in virtual worlds, such as through the The Community Gateway Program, Global Provider Program and other Second Life API-based programs.

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