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Link to a Coconut Contest

Link to a Coconut Contest

Linklove is plentiful on blogs these days, but what if you could actually get something tangible from your linking activities? No, not just cash (such as from selling affiliate links, perhaps), but something you can actually keep in a trophy case or even to throw at someone in those fits of rage.

Hawaii-headquartered Blogtown Press has an ongoing link to a coconut contest to celebrate the launch of their network. You can win “a genuine Hawaiian Coconut, straight from a Coconut tree on the shores of Oahu, dried in the Hawaii sun, and shipped directly to you, plastered with Hawaii themed stamps!”

Blogtown Press currently has 12 blogs that are participating in the Link to a Coconut Contest. All of these blogs are active and have anywhere from 20 posts to a few hundred posts. All you have to do is link to a post on anyone of those blogs and if you link to the correct post you win a coconut. We currently have 3 coconuts to give away so that means we will randomly choose 3 posts within the network that will be the ‘€œwinner’€? posts. These could be on any of the 12 blogs so you’€™ll have to hunt around for what you think is the right post.

One coconut has already been won, so there are two left for the taking.

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Why coconuts? I don’t know. Maybe they’re so plentiful in Hawaii that they’re thinking of novel ways to share ’em with the rest of the world. Perhaps the folks over at Blogtown Press think coconuts will be a world currency in the future. Kidding aside, I think this would be fun.

My only question is, why only three coconuts?

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  • I’ve read about it, too. One very unique prize for a contest. Haha!

    Too bad, I’m not that psyched to win a coconut. There’s too many of ’em here.

  • Aloha!

    Thanks for the link-love and congrats on the acquisition of The Blog Herald.

    I’m glad you like the contest. No idea why only three coconuts? Was gonna be five, but time only permitted me to collect 3 so three it is.

    There’s a lot of linkbaiting ideas out there, but I’ve always wanted to recieve a coconut in the mail and thought, “Heck, why dont’ I send them out to other people.” I needed to get the name out, we’re headquartered in Hawaii, it seemed like a good fit. Thus spawned the contest idea.

    The first one was a blast to prepare, sent it to Canada. Hopefully that blogger will have a creative picture of it up on their blog soon. :)

    There are still two more out there to be won so get your entries in.

    I have some more give-aways planned that I’ll keep you in the loop on, thanks again for the shout out.

    Oh yeah, and Who doesn’t want a coconut from Hawaii? (Aside from Alfa :) )


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