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LinkedIn Explains How Tech Buyers Use Social For Their Purchase Decisions

LinkedIn Explains How Tech Buyers Use Social For Their Purchase Decisions

LinkedIn Member SuggestionsAre you a technology buyer who is getting ready to purchase a new smartphone, tablet, ultrabook, or other gadget? According to the team at LinkedIn there is a very good chance you are utilizing social media to decide on the product you will buy.

LinkedIn on Tuesday released its annual Consumer Technology study in which it learned that  “88 percent of LinkedIn members own smartphones, compared to 46 percent of the general population.” The company also found that “62 percent of LinkedIn members own tablets, compared to only 22 percent generally.”

Realizing the pull it has among tech savvy buyers the social network examined the purchasing behaviors of its users in December 2012.

According to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions lead Michael Weir, 56 percent of LinkedIn members turn to their social networks for advice before they make a purchase.

The study also found that 53 percent of LinkedIn members share information about what they buy after making the purchase. That information in turn helps other tech savvy buyers on LinkedIn make their next buying decision. 

In many cases LinkedIn customers post a link to an articles about a new product or a production update and then ask other users to rate the product and share their experiences with potential products for purchase.

LinkedIn users also use the social network to ask about add-ons such as additional apps, cases for products, etc.

Weir says that because of its tech savvy customers questions and responses there are not a lot of problems with products. It turns out that LinkedIn uses the same type of feedback about its own product to avoid issues. According to Weir:

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“We’re fortunate in that LinkedIn members give very positive and constructive feedback on our platform.”

The best part about product opinions on LinkedIn? Users tend to tell the truth since lies and bad talking can come back to haunt them as they attempt to build out their own business network on the social enterprise platform.

Have you used LinkedIn to determine which tech products to purchase?


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