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LinkShare affiliate network launches #tweetshop Twitter tool

LinkShare affiliate network launches #tweetshop Twitter tool

Here goes with another company looking to help Twitter users (and itself) make money from the service.

Affiliate network LinkShare has introduced its #tweetshop service (yes, the service name is a hashtag) which allows users to easily link to affiliate products from a central interface rather than having to visit individual merchants, find and shorten URLs and then manually create the tweet.

LinkShare is keen to point out some “best practice” tips so that the service isn’t abused — you can bet it will be though:

  • Avoid tweeting false or unsubstantiated product claims
  • Never create a fake/spam twitter account just to post new advertisements
  • Clearly and conspicuously disclose any connections with the advertiser and/or the affiliate network
  • Be creative! If it is an ad, it should sound like one, but go beyond a product pitch
  • Don’t abuse it. Daunted followers will stop following you and this will undermine your credibility you have built up in your online community

Will we become inundated with affiliate links on Twitter? I expect there’ll be plenty of spam accounts, but then what’s new?

I’m not against seeing valuable/useful product links now and again from people I follow on Twitter, but there’s always unfollow/block for those who overdo it.

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Here’s a demonstration video of the service:

What do you think?

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  • I think this is a great idea by LinkShare, they’ve really been consistently growing since they’ve adopted the mantra of an affiliate ecosystem based on ‘cost per action’.
    Nothing but kudos to their strategy.

  • LinkShare isn’t the first service to do it and it sure will not be the last one. I am surprised that they didn’t mention Facebook too, however I might give it a try…I will just have to get creative and not do it so many times.

    Two questions:
    1. How long before twitter puts the brakes on it or at least counters it?
    2. With only 140 charactors to use, how is this going to work?

  • This is Ian from LinkShare. Thanks for the comments, all good points. The art of Twitter is distilling content into 140 characters, and it’s certainly not easy. We hope that this service is a useful way for people to recommend and get recommendations for useful products, while providing a nice incentive.

    We’ve also posted a video on our YouTube page:

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