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A Look Behind the Curtain of the Fashion Blogging World

A Look Behind the Curtain of the Fashion Blogging World

As we’ve recently seen, there are some bloggers who have become completely disillusioned with the blogging industry, citing it as too staged, unoriginal, and simply a waste of time. However, this industry – when used in the right way – can be used as an unequivocal force for good.

With a large portion of blogs being made up of beauty and fashion tips, it’s a common sight to see ‘Top 5 Eyeliners’ and ‘Bikini Bod Tips’ strewn across the internet these days, but blog posts are also starting to become much more poignant and heartfelt. Take the gorgeous and extremely likeable Zoella, for example. Practically blogging royalty, Zoella’s social media followers are well into the millions across all major platforms, and the young 26-year-old’s life is generally seen as perfect and envious. Zoella has her fair share of typical beauty and style posts, but she has also discussed her crippling anxiety several times. Zoella writes:

“I go through phases where my anxiety isn’t as bad and when it’s pretty awful. When it’s good, I’ll be able to leave the house, go shopping, visit other countries for work, do meet and greets and generally live life like a ‘normal person’. When it’s bad, I can’t even leave my bed or I’ll start my day off by opening my eyes and having a panic attack. The symptoms are the same as they were 11 years ago – heart racing, the feeling of claustrophobia, nauseous and shortness of breath.”


Making a living out of blogging is actually a viable option for many people today, as this 1&1 blog post explains, but many fashion bloggers feel it’s important to divulge the struggles they face on a day to day basis. “So lucky”, “Easiest job in the world”, “All you do is travel and take photos”, are typical comments a fashion blogger is likely to hear in their lifetime. However, Ioana Ciocan from recently discussed what the public doesn’t see or isn’t aware of, namely, how long the process takes, an average day in the life, and basically how uncomfortable, isolating, and misjudged the entire blogging lifestyle actually can be:

“In the beginning, you invest a lot of time and money in the hopes that it will all pay off. It’s your passion, and you strongly believe it’s worth it,” says Ioana. “But sometimes, it can get very superficial and lonely. The more famous you become, the more people assume your life is perfect. If you manage to get to the top, you’ll have a great time. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy or simple. The road to the top is long and bumpy. Also, people can be really cruel online. Since more fame means more haters, you have to grow a thick skin and learn to ignore them. If you don’t, your self-esteem can plummet.”

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Bloggers can also use their platform to inspire and motivate. Tired of hiding behind makeup all the time, Amy Elsegood only just made a post about how she is now comfortable showing off a large birthmark on her face. Using specially-made makeup since the age of 11, the now 22-year-old girl hopes to encourage others with abnormalities to be confident in themselves:

“I was too self-conscious to go out without hiding my birthmark first,” Amy writes. “I even had one woman come up to me on holiday to say that I would’ve been pretty if it wasn’t for my birthmark. My birthmark doesn’t need to define me. Since posting my selfie online I have gained so much confidence, it’s been great helping others who are in a similar position too. I’ve learnt that there are much worse things to have in life and I’ve accepted me for me.”

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