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Lots of buzz about “Structured Blogging”

Lots of buzz about “Structured Blogging”

Lots of buzz around in the last 24 hours on Structured Blogging, but please, please, please don’t ask me to explain what it is…I think its something to do with feedreeders or similar, but honestly despite reading a whole pile of Web 2.0 speak about how wonderful structured blogging is I still don’t really see nor get the need. It smells a bit like OPML, one of thoes geeky things blog geeks think are wonderful but almost no one else cares about. Anyhow, the Structured Blogging group has a page, and a blog, but don’t try to find the page from the Sidebar of the blog because apparently Structured Blogging doesn’t include helpful sidebar links.

The Guardian takes a shot of explaining it all, but after reading this I just felt like having some panedine to relieve the headache it just caused.

Coverage also from ZDNet, Software Only, and Burningbird.

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If you have been indoctronated by Web 2.0 plugins are also available for MT and WordPress, but nothing else at this stage.

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  • The short description? Structured Blogging is an easy way to publish reviews, event listings, lists of stuff, audio clips, video clips, and showcases about people and groups, on your blog.

    There’s lots of other stuff, but the key point for most users is that it makes it easier to publish that sort of stuff.

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