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Martin Neumann joins The Blog Herald

Martin Neumann joins The Blog Herald

It’s no secret that we’ve been looking for the best and the brightest to join The Blog Herald as reporters and columnists.

One person I’ve long admired for his combination of wit, intelligent insight into the blogosphere, and ability to get to the heart of a matter is Martin Neumann.

Martin was the original owner and founder of Blog Network Watch, a site that we later purchased from him. He was the first reporter on blog networks – a topic he still talks about today from time to time.

Martin will be writing a weekly column here at The Blog Herald on any topic around blogging that suits his fancy. And if his recent work at Blog Columnist is any indication of what he’ll be doing here, it’s going to be a fun ride.

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You can check out Martin’s other blogs at Home Office Voice, ePublishing Daily, and his latest blog Blog Columnist.

Welcome, Martin!

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  • Thanks Matt and thanks to all the comments of supp… hang on, where are all the comments? :-)

    But seriously, it’s an honor to be writing a column at The Blog Herald and put my little slant on things (every Wednesday) – and thanks Matt, a true professional all the way.

    This is going to be fun.

  • Well, well, well, congratulations to both of you, Matt and Martin. It’s a match that seems made to work and do wonderful things. I can’t wait to see the stories that come from this new pairing. YEA!!

  • Liz – thanks for the congrats. I think it’s a good match because we both like covering, reporting news. Coming from a mainstream writing background I can sense in Matt where he wants to take this whole thing. And I like!

    John – Thanks for that. Yeah I hear ya, but once a week means I can really put some thought/effort/creativity into my piece.

  • um.. was that Wednesday Aussie Time? Or Wednesday Minnesota time?

    Although, it probably doesn’t matter much because wherever Martin ends up .. I usually find him in my Bloglines sooner or later!

  • It reads wrong…he was the first blogger to have a blog dedicated only to blog network news would be correct…I was the first reporter of blog network news on these very pages :-)

    Congrats Martin.

  • Hey Hart

    um, errr … I think I’ll stick to Wednesday American time … that means I post late on a Wednesday (I’m a night guy) so you guys get it Wednesday mornings (my head hurts now, tks Hart!) – just got a feeling that’s were the vast majority of visitors come from.

  • Martin .. if you post it late Wednesday .. I don’t think we’ll get it until late Saturday :P .. It’s always tomorrow where you are .. for instance.. right now it’s 8:25am Monday morning.

  • G’Day Duncan … it’s all semantics. :-)

    You are THE original blog reporter. You paved the way. No doubt about that.

    It’s been a while though, so for those not in the know or for the newbies, Duncan here founded and ran The Blog Herald and wrote thousands of posts on the industry before deciding to become a bloglord. To Duncan: We Salute You!

    He now writes a column at the competitng The Blogging Times.

  • Hart, you’re screwing with my mind here… :-)

    You’re 8.25am Monday is my 11.25pm Monday. When it clicks over to my midnight is when it’s tomorrow for you and yesterday for me and crap … my headache just returned.

  • Thanks Minic … that’s much appreciated.

    You seem to be doing good with The Blogging Times – competition is good for all players, makes everyone try that little bit harder … but then screw competition, we’re really all in it together – when one succeeds we generally all benefit indirectly.

    Keep up the good work at The Blogging Times.

    BTW, I noticed Duncan wrote a beauty of a column there today. Good stuff.

  • Thanks Easton … don’t worry, I plan to have some fun here.

    But you guys over at Know More Media are so clean-cut it’s gonna be hard for me to pinpoint how to have a go at you. :-)

    Here’s What I Need …
    For everyone else reading this self-indulgent post on yours truly here’s what I need: I need/want inside scoops, tips, rumours, anything and eveything going on in the blogsphere. If you’re a disgruntled blog network employee head on over. If you know a bloody good bloggy secret and just have to tell somone, well I’m your man.

    Email me at: mkpemedia

  • Hey Martin…
    Hows things up…
    Wish you lots of success and joy. Used to love reading your posts in Blog Network watch.

  • Congratulations Martin on your new writing gig at the The Blog Herald.

    Without a doubt, Martin will make a very positive contribution to the overall quality of this fine and well known news leading blog. The blogging community as a whole is the beneficiary of the addition of Martin Neumann to the writing team.

    All my best Martin!

  • Ankit – things are up, man. Thanks for sending the success and joy karma onto me. Cool. You loved reading me at BNW? Phew, even I’ve got vague memories of the few times I posted. I know I had a go at Instablogs. Good to still see you guys doing your stuff.

    BTW, I like your blog, InstaMedia. It’s right down my alley. I’ve subscribed. Just post more frequently.

  • Hey Wayne,

    That’s very much appreciated.

    I’ll let you in on a little secret folks: Wayne’s BlogBusinessWorld was the first blog I ever read when I came upon this strange new thing called blogging in late 2004. I was hooked. You can blame Wayne then indirectly for all that I’ve become and all that I’ll be while I’m in my blogging mode. :-)

  • Duncan writes:

    It reads wrong…he was the first blogger to have a blog dedicated only to blog network news would be correct…I was the first reporter of blog network news on these very pages :-)

    Ahh, hell. You’re right!

    sorry about that,

  • Matt – you want the best well you got it. :-)

    HoHoHeHe, kidding of course or call me a blogwanker if you catch me cuddling up with my ego. ;-)

    seen my latest Blog Columnist entry today? Good, ha! a bit of spit and polish…

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