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MySpace Gets It’s Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake Reveals New Platform [Video]

MySpace Gets It’s Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake Reveals New Platform [Video]

Justin Timberlake - MyspaceJustin Timblerlake was hired to help bring the sexy back to Myspace and based on the platforms newly revealed design his team and the already established team at MySpace have met that goal.

The new MySpace which was designed with all new coding has gotten back to its roots as a platform for artists. This time around the company uses new social media connections to help artists grow out their music base.

Timberlake joined Facebook last year with partners Chris and Tim Vanderhook who purchased the once $500+ million site for just $35 million.

The new platform features an intuitive interface that offers a left to right scrolling option, instead of the traditional up and down scroll. The platform also offers Facebook Likes, Twitter Retweeting and of course friending through a new “connects” option.

With it’s focus on artists MySpace has also made it simple to switch between full-screen videos and friend page browsing. Even as friend pages are being viewed playback continues via a smaller in-screen feature.

Unlike MySpace of old Timberlake promises that excessive user options such as “pimping out your page” have been removed to give the social platform less of a “wild west” feel.

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Here is a video of the new platform from the team at?Mashable:

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