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New Blog Roundup, Week of March 10

New Blog Roundup, Week of March 10

A quick look at some random new blogs hitting the Web this week.

Dartboard Duo: From new games to maintenance advice, the dart retailer wants two-way communication with consumers. Both leisure and competitive players can expect to hit the bullseye.

Word of the Day: Want to get a great job or promotion? Pass an English exam? Improve your speaking and pronunciation? Englishlink is the answer! From “kaput” to “hit or miss,” the blog covers slang and phrases that you will not learn from a text book.

Kabbalah: If it’s good enough for Madonna, it might be good enough from you. Rav Michael Laitman of Israel has launched a series of personal blogs in English, Hebrew, and Russian, all centering around Kabbalah. Learn more about those little red bracelets or how the movement impacts everything from animal suffering to love.

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Hair Extensions: Accessorize that short haircut with lovely, lengthy locks! Change your look in seconds. No longer just for Hollywood starlets (and leading men!), the Website will keep you posted on how to extend your hair and where to buy products.

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