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New On Google’s Blogger: iGoogle Gadgets To The Masses Plus “Reactions” In Beta?

New On Google’s Blogger: iGoogle Gadgets To The Masses Plus “Reactions” In Beta?

It looks as if Google is releasing two new features–one to the masses while the other over on their beta site.

After allowing users to test the iGoogle Gadgets feature over on the beta version of blogger (aka blogger in draft), Google is finally releasing this feature “to the masses.”

(Blogger Buzz) Fresh out of Blogger’s own testing ground, Google Gadgets have now been enabled for all layouts blogs. This new interface allows for the integration of iGoogle Gadgets directly into your sidebar, with an array of customization options for easy tweaking. Also built into Gadgets is our robust Gadget Directory, which lets you browse through thousands of cool gadgets and add them to your blog with a simple click of a button.

This feature is only available for bloggers using Google’s new dynamic version (as opposed to the old classic version), although (to my knowledge) most blogger/blog*spot users have migrated over to the new feature.

Google has also unveiled a new feature that is similar to their star ratings system with the only difference is that readers can inform the author on how they felt about a certain article.

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(Blogger in Draft) With our new Reactions feature, you can get one-click feedback from your readers. Think of it as a mini-poll for each blog post, or a flexible version of star ratings because you customize what options are available. We hope this will help your blogs get feedback from people who read your posts but don’t have enough to say to for a full comment.

This feature is only available to blog*spot users logging in over at (as Google still has to “iron out” a few bugs), but it will be interesting to see how this compliments with the star ratings feature (which in essence does the same thing without words).

(Image Credits: Google)

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  • Another new interesting thing from Google!

    Fact is, iGoogle gadgets are very simple and you can personalized lots of things that matters to you like photos, videos and events to make them more memorable.

  • How do you rate an iGoogle gadget? I see stars next to them but am frustrated as I would like to add my own star rating.

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