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New Writer Introduction: Markku Seguerra

New Writer Introduction: Markku Seguerra

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the recent sale of the Blog Herald from Matt Craven to Bloggy Network Ltd. As promised by our new editor, there have been several sign-ups of writers, contributors, and columnists — and I’m one of them!

Before I start blogging regularly here, allow me to use this entry to introduce myself. I’m Markku Seguerra, another Filipino blogger just like Abe Olandres and J. Angelo Racoma. You probably haven’t heard of me, but you may have come across my personal weblog called “rebelpixel productions” over at I’ve been writing about web design and photography for more than four years now and have coded several WordPress plugins and related applications. Reading my weblog will surely be a better way of describing me and the things I do.

Surprise, surprise

When I heard the news that Abe (Yuga to us Filipino bloggers) will now be running the Blog Herald, I was excited at the development; seeing a fellow pinoy blogger and friend making waves internationally. Little did I know that he was looking for a third blogger from the Philippines to join him and J. Angelo. He sent me an SMS last weekend asking if I’d be interested; now I’d be a fool to pass on the opportunity to write for a resource I’ve long admired and followed, right?

Looking forward

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In the coming weeks, I hope to share what I know on the technical and social aspects of blogging. I will throw in some details of web design, accessibility, and the content management side of this practice as well. More importantly, we will continue to bring you fresh news and information, in line with what the Blog Herald has always been known for.

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