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New York Times Launches “Lively Morgue” Tumblr Account, Posts Archival Footage

New York Times Launches “Lively Morgue” Tumblr Account, Posts Archival Footage

Lively Morgue Photos Tumblr for New York Times

Lively Morgue Photos Tumblr for New York TimesTumblr is more than a blog platform, in many cases it’s a beautiful way to visually represent a persons feelings and messages. It’s for that reason that many company’s have launched visual representations of their products through Tumblr and now the New York Times has joined in with “The Lively Morgue.”

Following in the tradition of Tumblr’s top blogs The Lively Morgue takes a unique approach to New York Times content, focusing not on news of the day but the history of the NYT through beautifully shot historical pictures that have been kept in pristine condition inside the New York Times newsroom archive known as “the morgue.”

The New York Times has been publishing archival photographs every day, publishing 17 collections to date via the New York Times however this is the first time the company has created a website dedicated solely to those photos.

While the New York Times has published quite a few photos they note:

“But we haven’t even made a dent. If we published 10 of our archival images everyday, it would be at least the year 3935 before we’d shown off the entire collection.  That’s one of the reasons we launched The Lively Morgue, an all-archives, all-the-time feed on the social blogging site, Tumblr.”

David W. Dunlap notes that these photographs:

“Give lie to the idea that The New York Times is not a picture newspaper.” The paper began publishing an illustrated Sunday magazine 116 years ago. Early in the 20th century, it even had its own picture agency, Wide World Photos.

Mr. Dunlap continues:

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It was an era of bold global exploration to the North and South Poles. Aviation was evolving at breathtaking speed. Russia was in revolt. Pictures. New York took its place as a global cultural capital. The world was again convulsed in a war that ended with the atomic bomb. More pictures. Civil rights were won on the battleground, while explorers turned their sights to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Pictures and more pictures.

Check out the The Lively Morgue Tumblr page and let us know what you think.


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