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Obama 2012: “Dashboard” App Revealed For Social Media Campaigning

Obama 2012: “Dashboard” App Revealed For Social Media Campaigning

President Obama Campaigning ToolIn 2008 President Obama launched the most successful online campaign in the history of US politics and now as team Obama gears up for their 2012 re-election challenge they have announced an even more robust campaign that offers its own set of social media campaign tools.

Known as “Dashboard” the new platform offers almost everything a brick-and-mortar campaign office offers but in digital form. For example specialized tools will allow helpers to make calls to recruit other to join the team while organizing campaign events and even communicating with Obama’s leadership team. The platform can be access from desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices which makes grassroots campaigns more mobile than ever.

The Dashboard design is similar to Facebook’s interface and brings with it social media driven metrics reports.

Users will also be able to find Obama supporting groups to join in their area.

The Dashboard app however isn’t just for local users, the staff for Obama’s administration will be able to set specific goals for individual Obama supports while tracking their success rates. Groups will then be able to engage in and compete in a friendly competition with one another. 

The goal of the platform is to grow the Obama supporter base while creating completely open dialogues among supporters within a campaign focused social media system.

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Users of will be semi-familiar with the new Dashboard system which draws from the former platform for inspiration.

Do you think President Obama’s innovation in social media can help him secure a second term as President of the United States?


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