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Obama Supporters Vs. Romney Supporters. The Social Game Is Vastly Different [Infographic]

Obama Supporters Vs. Romney Supporters. The Social Game Is Vastly Different [Infographic]

President Obama Social Media TrailPresident Obama fans and Mitt Romney supporters have vastly different tastes in movies, activities and in many cases the brands they purchase. The team at?Compass Labs?realized those difference existed and used Facebook pages for the?Republican and Democratic parties to discover how much Romney vs. Obama fans are alike and different.

President Obama of course is no stranger to Facebook with more than 28.3 million fans while Mitt Romney is still hovering just shy of 6.5 million.

The infographic is broken down by various segments including the age, gender and favorite pages of users.

While Mitt Romney fans like guns, Fox News and Walmart (no surprises there), Obama fans prefer playing computer games,?The Blind Side?and shopping at Target (slightly less evil than Walmart). One common factor? Apparently GOP and Democrats agree that?The Hangover?was a great movie.?

The infographic also showcases the breakdown in political support on Facebook. Not surprisingly Mitt Romney has a slight end with male voters while President Obama takes a commanding lead with female voters.

Look below for further breakdowns including an age analysis for supporters and other interesting facts from the social media campaign trail.

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Did any information from the infographic surprise you?

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