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Om Malik enters the Blog Network World

Om Malik enters the Blog Network World

Om’s company has launched Web Worker Daily:

The new virtual worker ‘€“ equipped with a laptop, a broadband connection, a mobile phone and a desire to live a sockless lifestyle. Brent Simmons and Nick Bradbury know what I am talking about. Whether it is chasing your own dream, or part of the distributed team, the meaning of work is changing. It is for many of us who might work for say Yahoo or a Google, and use EVDO cards to stay connected, working as we ride the Caltrain.

The design is nice, but I don’t like the communist tie-ins..

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Beyond that, I’m one of these virtual workers. I’m on the road alot and often carry a PowerBook G4 and a Tablet PC with me when I’m on the road. It’s nothing unusual for me to spend 5 days or more out of the office in the course of a week – working virtually the entire time.. looking forward to some good posts over at this new blog.

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